Will You Benefit From Restoring Facial Wrinkle Treatment?
Before embarking on an anti-aging program, it is critical to ask the right questions for yourself. Don’t simply choose a course of action that has benefited someone else.

In other words, try to define the factors that are making you look older.  For example many people immediately think of wrinkles that appear on the face. But a less obvious characteristic is volume loss.

Younger faces typically look more full and plump. Older faces tend to look more angular. Also, there are areas of the skin that appear more deflated, giving a sagging appearance.

Work with your dermatologist in Los Angeles to isolate specific factors that should be addressed to create a more youthful looking appearance. In some cases, volume should be targeted. In others, wrinkles should be treated. And perhaps a balanced focus on both areas would produce the best results.

Botox As A Treatment For Wrinkles On The Face

One of the most popular injections for tackling deep facial lines is Botox. Botox (and its newer competitor, Dysport) work to relax specific muscles that create emotional expressions. These drugs will block the release of acetylcholine. This is a chemical signal that causes the muscles to contract. By prohibiting its release, specific areas of the face remain relaxed. And this prevents the appearance of wrinkles that usually form when the face is moving.

Differentiating between the effect of volume loss versus wrinkles can result in an overly aggressive use of Botox. This is why certain faces look frozen and expressionless.  Doctors should not use more Botox to help make patients look younger.  A much better strategy is to use other tools to create a more natural looking appearance.

Why Belotero Can Be Used For Filling Specific Surface Lines

Botox is effective for deep crows feet, frown lines and forehead wrinkles. But some patients may feel bothered by etched surface lines on their face. Belotero is a uniquely engineered hyaluronic acid filler. It is created as a uniform substance (not a particulate suspension). Therefore, it can be injected close to the surface to precisely fill specific lines that are more permanently ingrained on the skin.

How Nasolabial Folds May Be The Answer To A Younger Looking Face

Nasolabial folds look like parenthesis around the nose and mouth. They are also referred to as laugh lines.  Therefore, they can be thought of as a type of wrinkle. But more accurately, they are indicative of volume loss and the beginning manifestations of jowls.

These grooves often escape our conscious awareness. But it is important to understand why treating laugh lines can restore a youthful looking countenance.


A wrinkle treatment and volume restoration can help Los Angeles patients achieve a more youthful looking appearance in their face


Treatment of the nasolabial folds with injections like Radiesse or Juvederm reverses the sagging appearance in the lower face. The parenthetical lines look far less severe. And the plumpness that a patient had in their teens and twenties can often be restored.

Just as using too much Botox or Dysport can look artificial, overfilling the face with hyaluronic acid or calcium based fillers can also be detrimental to one’s appearance. This is how the term “pillow face “came into existence.

Patients should therefore be aware of the effects of volume loss and wrinkles on their appearance. And doctors should aim for a balanced approach to achieve the best cosmetic results.